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Seasonal Flower Availability


Agapanthus, Belladonna Lilies, Birds of Paradies, Buddleia, Calla Lily, Christmas Bells, Dahlia, Delphinium, Frangipani, Freesia, Garden Roses (including David Austin Roses), Gardenia, Ginger, Grevillea, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Lavender, Lisianthus, Peony, Pineapple Lilies, Queen Anne’s Lace, Stephanotis, Singapore Orchids, Sunflowers, Tuberose, Vanda Orchids, Water Lilies.


Birds of Paradise, Bruneii, Cymbidium Orchids, Delphinium, Garden Roses, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Lavender, Lisianthus, Privet Berries, Stephanotis, Stock, Tuberose, Tulips, Water Lilies.


Anemone, Blushing Bride, Camellia, Calla Lily, Cymbidium Orchids, Daffodil, Daphne, Earlicheer, Green Goddess Lilies, Hyacinth, Jonquil, Kale, Poppy, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, Rosehip, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip, Violet, Wattle.


Arum Lily, Azalea, Birds of Paradise, Blossom, Camellia, Calla Lily, Daffodil, Delphinium, Erica, Gardenia, Garden Roses, Green Goddess Lilies, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Pansy, Peony, Poppies, Rhododendron, Stephanotis, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip. All year round Alstroemeria, Anthurium, Asiatic Lilies, Banksia, Carnation, Crab Claws, Freesia, Gardenia, Gerbera, Gladioli, Glasshouse Roses, Gypsophila, Heliconia, Iris, Kangaroo Paw, Leucadendrons, Liatris, Longiflorum Lilies (November or Christmas Lilies), Oriental lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Proteas, Singapore Orchids, Vanda Orchids, Succulents, Waxflower (Geraldton Wax).