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Seasonal Foliage Availability

All Year Round

Asparagus Fern, Aspidistra Leaves, Bamboo (sticks), Cordyline Leaves, Dieffenbachia, Dogwood (Red, Green and Black), Dracaena, Finger Palm (Raphis), Flax Leaves, Gymea Leaves, Golden Cane, Happy Plant Leaves, Ivy Berry, Maiden Hair Fern, Monstera Leaves, Spear Grass ,Tropical Tops, Viburnum, Umbrella Fern

Summer (December/January/February)

Blackberry (berries with foliage), Bruneii, Magnolia branches & blooms

Autumn (March/April/May)

Winter (June/July/August) Helebores

Spring (September/October/November)

Blossom branches (cherry and apple blossom)